Friday, August 22, 2008

Events-August-November 2008

Upcoming Author Events:

Sat, Aug 30th, 6 PM
David Smay, Hayden Childs, & Kim Cooper/33 1/3 Series
Sat, Sept 6th, 5 PM
Evan Kilgore/TheChildren of Black Valley

Thurs, Sept 11th, 7 PM
Kim Calder/Who'sTo Say What's Home

Sat, Sept 20th, 4 PM
Jennifer Banash/The Elite

Sat, Oct 11th, 4 PM
Mark Damon/From Cowboy to Mogul to

Sat, Oct 18th, 5 pm
Deborah Pratt/The Vision Quest, Book II

Sat, Oct 25th, 5 pm
Leslie S. Klinger/The Annotated Dracula

Sat, Nov 1st, 8 pm (**Offsite Event**)
Vince Flynn/Extreme Measures

Thurs, Nov 13th, 8 PM
Bruce Cana Fox/Making Mobiles

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 30th. 6:00 pm

Authors: Kim Cooper, David Smay, and Hayden Childs will sign and read their new novels.