Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Author Event-Saturday September 26th.5:00 pm

Are we simply a collection of cells in a human body that eventually becomes ill and perishes when it fails? Is there a greater plan? As a scientist developing new drugs for the treatment of cancer, Dr. Leo Kim felt powerless as he watched patients die, an experience that led him on a decade-long quest to understand human existence. Healing the Rift chronicles his fascinating metaphysical and scientific journey. Kim reveals how recent scientific breakthroughs led him to the belief that the world is a blending of mind and spirit, explaining the science behind his discovery in entertaining, approachable terms that help readers make sense of their own search for answers.

Leo Kim is a scientist and biotechnology executive with over 50 scientific publications and patents to his credit. Leo’s journey includes research and management in chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biotechnology, information technology, molecular biology, microbiology, physics, and clinical trial studies. He has been active in new pharmaceutical and biotechnology disease treatment modalities as well as alternative medicine regimes. He has studied with Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, and many others who offer spirituality based supplements or alternatives to traditional healing. Leo has a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry from the University of Kansas and continued his education as a research associate at MIT. Leo is a CEO and general partner in a biotechnology venture capital firm where he is tracking the progress of thousands of companies utilizing the latest developments in science.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday September 19th -4:00 pm Author Cialan Haasnic

It's been a decade after 9-11, and the war on terror is big business. Washington has become a political free-for-all, controlled by a self-serving corporatocracy. Now, a new group of terrorists - homegrown and off government radar - plots to unleash a fast-acting bio-weapon never before seen, ensuring a horrific death to anyone exposed. The greatest minds in science can't find a treatment - let alone a cure. And no one knows where the deadly pthogen will be released next. HOMEGROWN: THE TERROR WITHIN portends a frightening scenario of a threat that is only too real.

"Cialan Haasnic's HOMEGROWN: THE TERROR WITHIN is that rare thriller which is genuinely suspenseful and scary." - Alexandra Bicks, Trident

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thursday Night Art Walk-Sept. 10th. 6 to 10:00 pm

Join us September 10th. for Art Walk night, we are open until 10:00 pm. Come in and pick up a copy of the newly released novel, The Golden City by John Twelve Hawks, or a copy of

Fred Kaplan's 1959, another hot seller for us. Or local author Richard Lange's This Wicked World.

Also catch our livestream broadcast of John Twelve Hawks book signing event, "I Am John Twelve Hawks" on our livestream channel;