Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet a Hollywood Legend-Oct. 11th. at 4:00 pm

Meet Hollywood Legend Mark Damon this weekend!!

If you saw Mark Damon in a tux at the 55th Annual Academy Awards you probably wouldn't picture him in a toga. If he flashed his dazzling smile at his wife, Maggie, your first thought wouldn't be "Oooh, vampire fangs." But Mark played a beast and a vampire, rode across the desert in a toga as the son of Cleopatra, walked the streets of Toledo as a Spanish king named Peter the Cruel and cleaned up the West as two Spaghetti Western cowboys named Johnny. As an actor he played a hero, a rebel and a fool in over fifty teenflicks, Spaghetti Westerns and swashbucklers. As a producer and film distributor, he was involved in the success of over 350 films. Teen idol, singer, film director, writer and producer, astute businessman, inventor of the foreign film sales business - by 1983, Damon had pursued almost as many careers as a tomcat has lives..." - From Cowboy to Mogul to Monster. Twenty-five years later, Mark Damon continues to reinvent himself in the film business. His is a never ending story.