Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday September 19th -4:00 pm Author Cialan Haasnic

It's been a decade after 9-11, and the war on terror is big business. Washington has become a political free-for-all, controlled by a self-serving corporatocracy. Now, a new group of terrorists - homegrown and off government radar - plots to unleash a fast-acting bio-weapon never before seen, ensuring a horrific death to anyone exposed. The greatest minds in science can't find a treatment - let alone a cure. And no one knows where the deadly pthogen will be released next. HOMEGROWN: THE TERROR WITHIN portends a frightening scenario of a threat that is only too real.

"Cialan Haasnic's HOMEGROWN: THE TERROR WITHIN is that rare thriller which is genuinely suspenseful and scary." - Alexandra Bicks, Trident