Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hollywood vs. The Supreme Court

Join us Saturday February 13th. at 4:00 pm as we welcome Justice Eileen C. Moore as she reads and discusses her book; "Race Results, Hollywood vs. The Supreme Court"

The United States Supreme Court is widely considered a highly conservative institution. Hollywood is overwhelmingly perceived as liberal. Over the past 100 years, America's highest court and America's film industry have both played major roles in shaping American values. Critics have often accused the Supreme Court of accommodating racism in cases involving discrimination against African Americans. While accusations have also been launched against movies for reinforcing racial stereotypes and aggravating racial tensions, Hollywood has been defended, vigorously, for tackling difficult topics and championing the oppressed.
Eileen C. Moore was intrigued by how black Americans fared before the highest court in the land, from the early 1900s until very recently, compared to how they were treated in the movies. So, she set out to weigh the evidence. She delivers her verdict in Race Results: Hollywood vs. the Supreme Court, Ten Decades of Racial Decisions and Film. "After the first few decades of the twentieth century," Moore attests, "the United States Supreme Court was consistently more progressive than Hollywood in its treatment of African Americans."